Sometimes diplomacy fails, scores need to be settled, and characters are out for blood. Combat is simply a facet of life in this world and chances are your character won’t go too long without running into a hostile situation.










Combat makes full use of your character’s stats, skills, and equipment. Therefore, before any shit hits the fan, it is important that you first know what your character’s stats are in combat. Knowing your HP and bonuses ahead of time ensures that things will keep moving smoothly in a combat situation instead of requiring pauses to figure everything out.

Your character’s sheet will auto-calculate a lot of this, so while it’s recommended that you know how to calculate it yourself, at the very least make sure you have this information on hand when entering into a quest or duel.

The key stats you should know for combat are HP, MP, evasion, damage, and bonuses.


Hit Points are divided into base HP and max HP. It is the amount of damage your character can sustain before becoming incapacitated or dying. Base HP is your character’s HP without any modifiers or armour - it is the number stated on the sheet. Max HP is your character’s total HP with all armour bonuses added. In this system, armour acts to absorb damage. Once enough damage is taken, that armour is rendered ineffective and your character begins receiving direct damage to their base HP.


John the Gunslinger has 100 HP according to his character sheet. He has a bullet proof vest that gives +25 armor, steel toed boots that give +5 armor, and a tactical helmet that gives +15 armor. Therefore, John’s base HP is 100, and his max HP is 145 (100+25+5+15).


Mana Points are used to cast spells, and operate in the same fashion as HP. Base MP is stated on the character sheet, and max MP is the base with any bonus MP from items added to it. Every time a spell is cast, points are subtracted from MP and when MP reaches 0, no more spells can be cast.


Evasion is a measure of how difficult it is to land a clean, damaging blow on your character. Every character has a base Evasion determined by their race (see Races for evasion ratings). Evasion is increased by Dexterity and by certain types of armour. An attack roll must be greater than or equal to a character's Evasion stat in order to land a hit.


John the Gunslinger is a human, so his base Evasion is 11. He has 21 Dexterity, which gives him +1 Evasion according to the stat chart. He also has a nanosuit, which gives him a further +1 Evasion. In total, John’s Evasion is 13.


Damage (DMG) is variable depending on what type of weapon or spell is being used. For ranged weapons, base damage is determined by Perception. For melee, it’s Strength, and for magic it’s Willpower. See the Stat charts to find your character’s base damage. This base damage is then added to weapon or spell damage for your character’s total damage.


John the Gunslinger has a Perception of 21, meaning he does 20 base damage with ranged weapons. He uses a 9mm pistol which does 20 damage. Therefore John does 40 damage per shot.


Bonuses are the sums of your character’s stat bonus (as listed in the charts), class bonus (as listed in the class descriptions), skill bonus (if applicable), and gear bonuses (if applicable).


John the Gunslinger gets a +1 bonus to using firearms due to his class. He also has a +1 bonus due to having 21 perception. Therefore, he has a +2 bonus to hit with his pistol.

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Characters may carry two standard weapons into combat (artillery, rocket launchers, turrets, etc. have their own restrictions). In order to carry more than two weapons, a character must purchase load bearing equipment (LBEs) from the item shop.

Without LBEs, it costs one action to change weapons in combat (see Actions below).

In addition to weapons, characters may carry a total of five items into combat. In order to carry more items, they must purchase a backpack from the item shop. Consumables such as grenades or mines are counted individually, not as a stack.

Thrown weapons that come in stacks (ex. Shuriken or Throwing Knives) only count as a single weapon.

Hand or 'unarmed' weapons (brass knuckles, sap gloves, etc.) do not count towards the weapon limit but DO count towards the item limit.

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Combat can be broken down into actions, turns, and rounds.

An action is performed by a character on their turn. Once every character involved in the fight completes their turns, that encompasses a single round of combat. A round lasts roughly six seconds of in-game time on average, but will vary depending on circumstances and the number of characters involved.

In order to determine who gets to take their turn first, and in what order the rest of the turns are taken, the first step of combat is figuring out initiative.


This is the first phase of combat. The two sides have encountered each other and must roll initiative to see who can react first.

In a quest situation, initiative is rolled for the whole party using the highest dex+lvl bonus of a character in the party. This is rolled against the enemy party’s bonus, and the higher value goes first. Some GMs may opt to roll individual initiative for each character, and sometimes each enemy, but this is up to their discretion.


John the Gunslinger has a Dex bonus of +2 according to the stat chart, and a level bonus of +1. This means he rolls a +3 for initiative. Since his bonus is the highest in the party, he will roll for the party.

John: !roll 1d20+3

Dicebot: John rolls a 1d20+3 and gets a 15


GM: !roll 1d20+4

Dicebot: GM rolls a 1d20+4 and gets a 12

John's roll was highest, and therefore the party wins initiative and attacks first.

In a duel situation, initiative is rolled before the fight starts just as in a quest. Both characters roll dex+lvl with the higher result going first.

Some characters have skills that allow them to attack first; this will win them and the party initiative. However, if both characters have this skill in a duel, then initiative is rolled as normal.

Situations may arise that alter how initiative is handled. In cases of an ambush, initiative would not be rolled as the ambushing party wins by default.

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On a character's turn, they may move and take two actions. They can decide whether they want to move first or take an action first. A character is not obligated to do both on their turn.

There are many different actions a character can take on their turn. The most common actions will be outlined in this section; however, there may be many situation-specific actions that can be taken. Players should feel free to propose actions that are not listed in this section, and the GM in charge will use their discretion as to whether or not the action is possible, and what the required roll will be.


The most common action taken is to attack an enemy. A character must first select an enemy to attack, then move into range (if applicable; see the Range section for more information), then make their attack. The GM will then call for a roll and determine whether or not the attack was successful. There are no damage rolls in this game; if a character does 40 damage with a weapon, then that is how much damage they do on each successful attack.

An example attack turn is as follows:

John the Gunslinger is armed with a pistol that does 40 dmg per shot and he has a +2 to attack.

*John runs 10ft up to a parked car, getting him within range of the gunman. He takes aim with his pistol and fires. (moving to range, attacking gunman, 40dmg)


John: !roll 1d20+2

Dicebot: John rolls a 1d20+2 and gets 17



Casting spells functions similarly to a standard attack. The magic user selects a target, ensures that they are in range, and casts their spell. However, casters must make sure that they have enough MP to cast the spell. MP is subtracted whether a spell is successful or not.

Some spells have cooldowns. This means that the spell cannot be cast again until a certain amount of time has elapsed. If a spell has a one round cooldown, then the caster must wait a full round before they can cast the spell again.

Some spells take longer to cast, and therefore use up both of the caster's actions instead of one.


Every class has unique skills, some of which can be used in combat as actions. Some skills may take up a character's entire turn, including movement. Each skill is different, so you must read the skill description to know how it is applied in combat.


A character may use an item from their inventory in combat, such as a med kit or healing potion, depending on the situation. Item use costs two actions unless otherwise noted.


A character may knock the weapon out of the hand of another character. This requires the characters to be within melee range of each other, and is a STR/LVL roll against a difficulty of the target's EVA +3


Joe has an Evasion stat of 13. Frank wishes to disarm Joe. Frank must roll 16 or higher to successfully disarm Joe.

Characters may acquire a skill that allows them to perform a ranged disarm by shooting the weapon out of their target's hand. This action cannot be performed without that skill.

When a character has been disarmed, they must take one action to pick up their weapon, or they may draw a new weapon.

On a roll of nat 20 on a disarm attempt, the target's weapon is thrown a distance equal to the speed of the disarmer.


Frank has a movement speed of 25. He rolls a nat 20 when disarming Joe. Joe's weapon is thrown 25 feet away.


A character may use their turn to assist another character with an action. For example, if character A is attempting to climb a wall on their turn, character B can use their turn to assist them, thus giving character A a bonus to that action at the GM's discretion.


A character may decide to hold their turn and perform an action at a later time in the round, when a certain condition is met. They may wait for another party member's turn in order to receive a buff spell before acting. Or, they may wait for an enemy to move into range.

A character holding their turn may interrupt an enemy's turn (acting after the enemy moves but before the enemy attacks) because they are in a ready state.


Some classes have skills or spells that allow them to control minions in combat, such as an Engineer's combat drones or a Shaman's elemental summons. These minions act as any other combatant, just limited in what actions they can perform.

A minion is summoned on the character's turn, and may act after the character's next turn. For simplicity's sake, the minion will always act after the character's turn, regardless of if that character's attack order is changed throughout the course of the fight.

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Range is the distance from the character to the target. Every weapon and spell has a particular range that your character needs to be in for the attack to connect. If your character is out of range, a GM at their discretion may still let you attempt an attack with a severe penalty to hit, depending on how far out of range the character is.

Some weapons are effective across multiple ranges. Some will be ineffective if you get too close, such as sniper rifles. Every weapon will have its range included in its description, but here is a rough chart to give you an idea of where they fall. As always, ranges are subject to GM discretion in a quest situation.

Range Weapon Types Movement Cost (Farther) Movement Cost (Closer)
Touch Touch spells, small melee, unarmed, punch weapons 0 N/A
Close most melee, pistols, shotguns, thrown weapons 1 0
Medium-Close Polearms, pistols, shotguns, thrown weapons, bows, crossbows 2 1
Medium Rifles, pistols, shotguns, bows, light/med machine guns, launching weapons 4 2
Far Rifle, Sniper Rifles, Launching Weapons, Heavy Machine Guns 8 4

Sniper rifles, artillery, heavy machine guns

N/A 8


Characters have one point of movement for every 10 points of Dexterity they have. A character with 20 dexterity has two movement points, and can move between ranges according to the above chart.


John has 20 dexterity, or 2 movement points. He is in Medium range and wants to move closer. The movement cost from Medium to Medium-close is 2. Therefore John can use 2 movement points to move from Medium to Medium-close.

Barry has 30 dexterity, or 3 movement points. He is in Close range and wants to move away. Moving from Close to Medium-close costs 1 point. Moving from Medium-close to Medium costs 2 points. Therefore, Barry can move from Close to Medium using 3 movement points.

Movement within a range, such as lateral movement to reach a comrade or cover, costs one movement point, subject to GM discretion. Movement includes walking, running, climbing, swimming, jumping, and flying.

A character may split up their movement. For example, a character with 2 movement points may move from Medium-Close to Close, attack, and then move back from Close to Medium-Close.

A GM may impose limitations on certain types of movement, such as climbing, swimming, and jumping, depending on the environment and situation. For example, a character climbing may have their movement cut in half due to the difficulty of the action. This is entirely up to GM discretion.

Because we do not use grids and tokens, movement tracking in combat is imprecise. A GM may simply ballpark distances and positioning when running a quest.


If a character states they are taking a Sprint action, this means that their movement is doubled, but they will only have one action remaining for the turn. It is possible for a character to use both actions for sprinting (thus tripling their movement).

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Specific to Duels, after the attacking character states their actions, the defending character may respond with defensive actions.

On a defensive turn, the character has the option to Dodge, Counterattack, or Parry. These actions may be combined, eg. the defender may dodge one attack and counterattack the second.

Defensive turns are not present in Quests unless explicitly called for by the GM. This is to keep Quests moving quickly due to the number of players.


If a character elects to Dodge, they will make a DEX/LVL roll with any applicable skill bonuses, opposed to the opponent's attack roll. If the Dodge roll is higher than the Attack roll, the defender takes no damage. If the Dodge roll is lower than the Attack roll, and the Attack roll beats the defender's EVA, then the defender takes full damage. If the defender critically fails their Dodge roll, then they lose their movement action for their subsequent attack turn.


If a character elects to counterattack, they will make a standard attack roll against their opponent. If their opponent's attack roll is successful, the defender will take damage regardless of if their counterattack is successful. Choosing to counterattack lowers the defender's EVA by 1. A counterattack may only be performed if the attacker is within the defender's attack range. The defender cannot take a move action to get into range for a counterattack, nor can they take the time to draw an additional weapon. If the defender critically fails their counterattack roll, the attacker does 50% more damage.


If a character elects to parry, both attacker and defender must be armed with melee weapons (or fighting hand to hand) and must be in close range. To parry, the defender rolls DEX/LVL with any bonuses from using melee weapons (or unarmed, as the case may be). If the Parry roll is higher than the Attack roll, the Defender takes no damage and the Attacker will not be able to use a counterattack on their next defensive turn. If the Parry roll fails and the Attack roll succeeds, the defender takes full damage. If the defender critically fails the Parry roll, they receive a -1 penalty to their next attack roll.

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When an attack is successful, meaning the attack roll is greater than or equal to the target's evasion, the target takes damage. There is no damage roll, so every attack does full possible damage.

Damage is taken by the target's armour first. When a target's armour is exhausted (broken), they take damage against their base HP. Certain attacks may be able to bypass armour, such as piercing attacks. In this case, damage is subtracted from the target's base HP even if they still have intact armour.

If a target is afflicted with a condition that deals ongoing damage over multiple rounds, such as burning, bleeding, or poison, that damage is subtracted at the beginning of the target's turn.

A target may have spells or items that alter damage received. For example, a Protect spell that halves damage, or an Amplify Damage curse that increases it. Damage will be rounded to the nearest 5.


Characters can be afflicted with an assortment of status effects, positive and negative. These are a result of skills, spells, or items, that cause statuses such as poison or bleeding.

Status effects usually last for a limited number of rounds, but some last until the condition is treated by the appropriate spell, skill, or item.

For a full list of status effects, click here.


When a character reaches 0 HP, they are considered Mortally Wounded and on the brink of death. They have 2 rounds to receive medical attention or they bleed out and die. During these 2 rounds they cannot take any actions. They will roll a d20 to determine what injury they have as a result of that (concussion, impaired senses, scarring, mangled limbs, etc.). If the character is healed, these injuries will stay with them and provide negatives to roll until the character can be taken to a hospital and treated properly.

If a character loses a limb as a result of an injury, they need to purchase a replacement and have it attached by a surgeon (PC or NPC).




Mangled or severed body part (hand/foot/leg/arm/eyes/ears/tail or wings if applicable), character cannot move under their own power (cybernetic or vatgrown replacement body part may be purchased post-quest/duel)


Disabled limb, penalties situational and based on GM discretion (limb will be usable after hospital stay post-quest)


Concussion, severe fatigue, or debilitating pain. -5 to all rolls


Muscle tear, fracture, dislocation, etc. -3 to relevant rolls


Cool scars, no impairment


Injuries can be mitigated by painkillers and stims, but these will eventually wear off.


If a character is reduced to -75 HP in a single turn, they are immediately killed without the customary 2-round ‘Mortally Wounded’ status.


A dead character may be resurrected by a Necromancer, but they will still lose a life from their sheet and will still have negatives due to injury for the duration of the quest.

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