A quest is a moderated session led by a GM (Game Master) who sets the scene, provides an objective, plays the NPCs and enemies that the characters may encounter, calls for dice rolls, and determines the results of those rolls.

A quest can be almost anything. Some are combat-heavy, some might focus on exploration and puzzle-solving, some quests might be only social interaction, and some might be a little bit of everything. Assassination, investigation, adventure, drama, violence, world-shattering events or personal tales of revenge – all of it can happen in a quest.

Quests can last from 1 hour for a quick, story-light 'shoot em up' session to 3 hours for an important, plot-heavy session. EXP and money is awarded based on the length of time a quest takes, ranging from 100/$100 for a quick quest and over 200/$200 for a longer one.

Joining A Quest

A GM will usually schedule a time in advance to run a quest. However, if there are enough people online at the same time, they may run one on the spot.

The GM will tell all interested players to join the quest channel. Quests are run in a separate channel from the main RP so that those who don’t want to participate can continue to RP as normal. Players should be using the nicks of the character they are questing as.

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How Quests Work

Quests can be structured very differently depending on the story, characters involved, and the GM’s style. But USUALLY you can expect the following:

-          There will be some RP at the beginning of the quest to set the scene

-          The GM will introduce an event that sets the quest plot in motion

-          The characters will RP their various actions and reactions as they participate in the plot

-          The GM will call for dice rolls to determine if certain actions are successful (for example, breaking down a door or spotting a hidden clue)

-          The characters may engage in combat against enemies

-          The characters reach the conclusion of the plot and receive a reward of EXP and money

Players RP their characters as normal. The only difference is that they do not dictate the state of the scene, or the successes and failures of their characters. The GM will relay information about the environment and NPCs, and will also interpret the dice rolls. Players will roll their own dice using the channel’s dicebot.

If a player needs to drop out of a quest at any time, they may do so at no penalty to their character. They will be awarded partial EXP based on how long they were in the quest.

Sometimes, a GM may also need to cut things short due to RL. Or, a quest could be running longer than expected, or it’s a part of a multi-part scenario. In either case, the GM may opt to cut a quest short, award EXP, and continue it again on another day.


A jump is a special scenario within a quest - where one or more player characters attack another player character.

In a world as varied and violent as Midnight City, it is not expected that all characters will get along. Some belong to rival gangs, some just have grudges, but whatever the case there are allowances made for PvP combat within a quest.

If a character wishes to jump another, they must first msg the GM and state their intention. The GM will instruct them to write their attack post and roll. The fight will be handled with standard combat rules; the attacking party may get an ambush bonus if they are attacking by surprise.

Note: Not all GMs will allow jumps in their quests! They will state at the beginning of the quest whether or not jumps are allowed.

The two characters will fight until one dies, one yields, or the fight is broken up either by the rest of the player characters or NPCs.

Cool Points

Cool Points allow a character to designate an action that would ordinarily require a roll as an auto-success (in a very cool fashion), at GM's discretion. Cool Points are awarded by the GM to individual players for good RP during the quest, including but not limited to: realistic portrayal of a character's negative traits or the negative consequences of their actions; being a positive group leader and pressing the action forward; going out of their way to include all characters in the party's plans; coming up with interesting, creative solutions to problems in the quest.

All players start with 0 Cool Points. As a guideline, as GM should not award more than 1 Cool Point to a single character in a single session, however, characters may earn more Cool Points through Risk Bets (see below).

Risk Bets

When a character must make a roll to complete a dangerous task, they have the option of making a risk bet to lower the DC of the roll by 1 to 3 in exchange for an increased potential penalty should they fail the roll.


Joe needs to leap between two rooftops. It is raining, so the roof is slick, and he is trying to outrun the enemy. The DC of the roll is 17. Should he fail this roll, he risks sustaining fall damage, but may have an opportunity to grab hold of a fire escape to slow his fall. However, Joe decides to make a risk bet.

*Joe pushes himself as hard and as fast as he can and leaps off the edge of the building, reaching out for the other side at the apex of his jump. [Taking a risk bet on the jump roll]

GM: The DC of the roll will be lowered to 15, but you risk breaking a bone on the fall. Do you take the risk?

Joe: ((Yes))


Joe: !roll 1d20+4

Dicebot: Joe rolls 1d20+4 and gets 14

GM: Joe leaps off the building, a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder just as he reaches the height of his jump... But as he comes down he doesn't find footing on the edge of the opposite roof and slips off the rain-slick concrete. He grabs for the fire escape, but the rusty metal pulls partially free from the wall and he loses his grip, tumbling down into the alley, bouncing off a dumpster with a sickening snap, and hitting the wet asphalt with an unceremonious smack. It doesn't take long for his body to register the intense, fiery pain of his broken left tibia.

If a character rolls a critical success (nat 20) on a risk bet, they perform the risky action with such style that it earns them a Cool Point.

Quest Etiquette

Players in a quest should not RP in the main channel at the same time. Your full attention needs to be on the quest, out of respect to the GM and fellow players.

Players who take issue with a GM’s ruling during a quest should wait until AFTER the quest has finished to speak to them about it. A GM has every right to remove a player from the quest who is challenging them in the middle of it, which disrupts the quest and negatively affects all the other questers.

Players must refrain from ‘rules-lawyering’ during a quest. Understand that the two most important words in any quest are ‘GM DISCRETION’. A GM may employ house rules or interpret game rules in a different way than you.

Players should post as quickly as they can to keep things moving. This is not Shakespeare and your writing does not need to be perfect. If you are taking more than 5 minutes to post when it is your turn, this significantly slows the quest down.

Players must keep OOC chatter out of the quest, unless notifying the room that they will be AFK (allowing the GM to skip their turn).

The End of the Quest

The quest will end when any of these conditions are met:

- the characters complete the objective

- the characters completely fail the objective

- the characters all die

- the GM must cut the quest short

At the end of the quest, everyone will receive their EXP and cash rewards. Shop items will never be given out as quest rewards. Souvenir items of no value may be given out.

If the party fails their objective or dies, the quest may end with only an EXP reward and no cash.

In certain situations, the GM may award bonus EXP/$$ to players who did an exemplary job in the quest by pushing the plot forward, playing well with everyone in the party, and/or implementing interesting and unexpected strategies during the course of the quest.

Player Quests

Players may run their own quests (PQs) when there is no GM-run quest scheduled. A player quest follows the same rules as a standard quest, however the rewards given out are lower.

A PQ is not considered 'canon' to the game unless it is monitored by a GM. A monitored PQ has a higher reward than an unmonitored PQ.

Character deaths during a PQ will not be counted on a character's sheet, even when monitored.

[stuff about submitting logs etc. for a PQ to get updated]

Quest Types and Rewards

Quest Type Duration Reward
PQ - Unmonitored Any 50/$50
PQ - Monitored Any 75/$75 to 125/$125
Shoot em up ~1 hour 100/$100
Standard Mission 1 1/2 to 2 hours 150/$150
Minor Plot Arc ~2 hours 175/$175
Major Plot Arc ~2 to 3 hours 200/$200


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