Combat is Midnight City's national sport. From the grand 80,000 seat GA Colosseum to the sketchy converted warehouses in the Zone, there are options for anyone to observe 'the purest competition in the world' -- or to participate in it themselves.

Duels are player character vs. player character combat events hosted by a GM. They use full Combat rules, but differ from quests in that not all skills, spells, or items are available to use (check the individual skill/spell/item descriptions). Duels essentially run like one long combat round until one player is knocked out or killed, or they yield/surrender to their opponent.


There are many arenas in Midnight City, but the vast majority of duels will be held in a converted warehouse in the Zone known as the Butcher's Shop (or simply Butchers). It is a massive windowless concrete and steel building that can accomodate up to 10,000 spectators. There are stands all around the dueling pit, as well as catwalks up above and plenty of standing room. There are concessions selling alcohol, drugs, and overpriced food as well as bookies taking bets on the fights.

There is a system that projects a large hologram of the duelers above the fighting pit, as well as many video screens all around the arena.

The dueling pit is roughly 100 feet in diameter and is sunk into the floor approximately 15 feet. The floor of the pit is dirt and gravel, the walls are reinforced concrete, and there is an invisible force dome over the top of the pit to prevent stray attacks from hitting the crowd.

The fighter preparation areas, as well as the medical area, are also underneath the floor.


The most common duel setup is a One on One competition. Simple and to the point -- one character fights another in the arena.

There are also Multi-Man duels. These could involve three or four characters (or however many the GM believes they can handle) all fighting each other.

Then, there are Team Duels. Like it says on the tin, these are teams of 2 or more characters fighting another team of 2 or more characters.

It is up to a GM's discretion which setups they want to run. Some may only run One on One duels, so check with them ahead of time.


A Standard duel is a knockout duel. The fight occurs in an arena shielded by magic and biometric failsafes that prevent lethal damage. When a character is reduced to 1 HP, they are knocked out and lose the fight. No lives are lost.

A Hardcore duel is a duel to the death. The magic and biometric failsafes are turned off. A character reduced to 0 HP is killed and loses the fight and one life from their character sheet. They are resurrected by on-site Necromancers.

A Reaper duel is a duel to permanent death. The magic and biometric failsafes are reversed, enhancing lethal damage. A character reduced to 0 HP is permanently killed regardless of how many lives remain on their sheet and cannot be resurrected. Prior to engaging in a Reaper duel, both participants must sign wills detailing who receives their money and belongings upon their death. The winner of a Reaper duel is allowed to select one piece of gear from the loser to keep.


Bets may be placed on duels. The minimum bet is $25 and the maximum bet is $100. Anyone who is betting on a duel must be present for the duels, ie. the character must be RPed to be sitting in the arena watching the duels. You can't just lurk in the channel and bet.

Fighters may bet, but only on themselves.

Bets are taken before a duel starts, while the participants are getting ready. The GM will call for bets, and the betters must:

-      RP at least a paragraph of their character making the bet

-      PM the GM with the details of the bet.

A GM will announce when bets are closed, which is usually just before initiative is rolled. After that announcement, no more bets will be taken until the next duel is lined up.

All bets will be paid out after all duels are finished and the GM submits the updates.

In the interest of simplicity, odds are 1:1 meaning if you bet $50 you will win $50. If there is a large level discrepancy between characters a GM may refuse to take bets.


A duel may end when:

-      one character reduces the other to 1 HP in a Standard duel

-      one character reduces the other to 0 HP in a Hardcore duel

-      one character reduces the other to 0 HP in a Reaper duel

-      one character surrenders/yields to the other

A yield does not have to be accepted by the other character. The aggressor may ignore the yield and continue to attack the other character.

Also, a character may show mercy on another in a Hardcore duel. If the aggressor states in their attack post that they are seeking a knockout instead of a lethal attack, then an otherwise killing blow may reduce the opponent to 1 HP and knock them out which they can then claim as victory.


The winner of a duel is awarded 100/$100

The loser of a duel who is KO'd or killed is awarded 50/$50

The loser of a duel who yields is awarded 25/$25

The winner of a Reaper duel may pick one item from the dead character's character sheet.

If there is a yield or a show of mercy in a Reaper duel, no EXP/$$ is awarded.


Spectator characters may RP during duels. In between active duels, such as when betting is going on, players may RP normally. However, once the duel officially starts, any RP from spectators must be limited.

What is acceptable:

-      short, one line reactions (for example, a worried SO gasping in shock, or a close friend cheering encouragement)

What is not acceptable:

-      multiple back and forth paragraphs with other RPers that flood the chat while the GM is trying to read the duelers' actions

-      RP that isn't related to the duels going on

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One more thing that just occurred to me to mention: I know I'm spending a lot of time on the interface/player front, but I promise I haven't forgotten about the game itself. I am working on character generation, level-up functionality, shops, etc. as well...am just trying to get a solid foundation here to build on as we progress.

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Yeah, I'm liking it too. Good suggestion! I've done some more work locally but haven't uploaded it yet. Working back and forth between an admin editor so that you can create/edit pages and a more robust character generator with stats included. Hopefully have more for you to see this weekend.

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Glad you're liking it and glad to see that you were able to successfully create a character account! Edit functionality is coming soon. I like the idea of the grayscale pattern with a thin blue border. I will give that a try!

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It's all extremely rough, the stuff in the sidebar is static and non-functional (just as a placeholder) for now, but I think we're building on a solid foundation here. And hopefully having a live example that we can play with will let us collaborate more quickly and efficiently. See something wrong or have an idea? Shout it!

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Eventually, many, many things (like this shoutbox) will load asynchronously, so that the entire page doesn't have to be reloaded.

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