Driving and Vehicle Mechanics

All characters are able to drive land vehicles and watercraft, as well as ride live mounts. The Piloting skill is required in order to fly any aircraft, including cars with VTOL capabilities.

A standard driving roll is combined DEX/PER. So a character with a +3 DEX bonus and a +1 PER bonus has a +4 to driving rolls. This applies to all types of vehicles.

All characters may drive up to 50 km/h with no penalties. At higher speeds, more driving skill is required or else the character will take penalties to their rolls. For every 1-10 km/h above the character's skill cap they attempt to drive, they will take a -1 to roll. For example, a character who can drive up to 60 km/h will take a -2 to roll if they try to drive 80 km/h. This penalty caps out at -5, after which it is assumed that the character crashes regardless of roll. Piloting has no such speed factors, and all pilots can fly to the max speed of their chosen aircraft.

Driving skill is measured by adding the DEX stat and the PER stat together.

While this page uses the terms driver and driving, these rules also apply equally to operation of watercraft and aircraft.

NOTE: All these speeds assume city driving. In other settings, the numbers may be adjusted according to GM discretion.

Speed (in km/h) Skill Required (DEX stat + PER stat)
51 - 60 40
61 - 70 45
71 - 80 50
81 - 90 55
91 - 100 60
101 - 120 65
121- 140 70
141 - 160 75
161 - 180 80
181 - 200 85
201 - 240 90
241 - 280 95
281 - 320 100



A vehicle pursuit is initiated once the drivers are in their respective vehicles and are in motion. Pursuits can be organized (such as a racing event) or unorganized (such as an escape from authorities). Vehicle pursuits can happen between multiple vehicle types (example: a helicopter pursuing a car), and environmental and situational bonuses or penalties in such cases will be determined by the GM.

Relative Positioning

While in pursuit, vehicles may be within 4 positions of each other. Ahead, Engaged, Behind or Disengaged. During races, disengaging is not an option as vehicles are purposely within the same track. 

Ahead: Being 1 position ahead is advantageous, gain +2 to piloting checks. Up to 200 feet apart.

Engaged: Vehicles within close range are in the same position and are considered to be “neck-and-neck”. Creatures may attempt to hop from vehicle to vehicle if they are engaged. Up to 50 feet apart.

Behind: 1 Position behind up to 200 feet apart

Disengaged: More than 200 feet apart. If you are 200+ feet ahead a vehicle may escape, or 200+ feet behind a vehicle is left behind.

Speed Differential

A large differential in top speed between vehicles affects the difficulty of various driving checks. For every 20 km/h in difference, the DC of all Pilot Actions is increased by one for the slower driver. Conversely, the DC is lowered by 1 for the faster driver.

Note that the top speed is limited by the driver's skill. If a driver is in a vehicle that can go 200 km/h, but their skill only allows them to go 160 km/h, then 160 km/h is considered the top speed.


Tetsuo is driving a motorcycle that goes 200 km/h. His driving bonus is +4.

He is racing Johnny, who is driving a motorcycle that can go 180 km/h. Johnny's driving bonus is +3.

There is a 20 km/h difference between the top speeds. The Speed Differential is +1 for Johnny, and -1 for Tetsuo.

When Johnny tries to perform an Evade action, the DC of the check is 10 (base DC) + 4 (Tetsuo's driving bonus) + 1 (Speed Differential) for a total DC of 15.

When Tetsuo tries to perform the same action, the DC would be 10 + 3 - 1 for a total DC of 12.

Pursuit Phase Order

Pursuits are broken into rounds much like a standard combat encounter. In a pursuit round, the driver can make one Pilot Action and one Combat Action, if applicable. If no Combat Actions are available or the driver elects not to make one, they cannot substitute it for another Pilot Action. Only one of each action type can be made per round.

On a Turn, the Turn check replaces one of the available actions. The driver may opt to make a Turn and Pilot action, or a Turn and Combat action for that round. Depending on which actions the driver takes, it will affect the difficulty of the Turn check.

Pilot Actions

Evade: Grants +2 to EVA for 1 round (DC = 10 + opponent's driving bonus + speed differential), lose one position. -1 to roll for Turn checks

Keep Pace: Keep position within the chase (DC = 10 + opponent's driving bonus + speed differential). No effect on Turn checks.

Speed Up: Move up one position (DC = 15 + opponent's driving bonus + speed differential). -3 to roll for Turn checks.

Slow Down: Lose one position - No check required. +1 to roll for Turn checks.

Stunt: A risky maneuver, unconventional terrain or shortcut used to foil your pursuers. Causes engaged or behind vehicles to suffer a -2 penalty on their next check for 1 round. (DC = 15 + opponent's driving bonus + speed differential). -2 to roll for Turn checks.

Ram: Drivers may attempt to ram opponents dealing full collision damage on a successful check, and half collision damage to your own vehicle. Collision damage for vehicle types are listed in the Shop. If the target is a creature, it may make an EVA roll to dodge out of harm's way (DC = 10 + opponent's driving bonus + speed differential). -4 to roll for Turn checks.


Tetsuo and Johnny are racing. At the beginning of the race, both vehicles are Engaged. The racers roll initiative (DEX/LVL) to see who reacts first.

Tetsuo rolls a 17 and Johnny rolls a 21. Johnny wins initiative and goes first.

Johnny makes a Speed Up action and no Combat Action.

Tetsuo makes a Stunt action.

Both racers roll. Johnny rolls a d20+3 against a DC of 20 (15 + 4 (Tetsuo's bonus) + 1 (Speed Differential)), Tetsuo rolls a d20+4 against a DC of 17 (15 + 3 - 1)

Johnny rolls a 21 and is successful. He is now Ahead.

Tetsuo rolls a 20 and is successful. However, because Johnny won initiative, his Speed Up action occurs first. Therefore he speeds up past Tetsuo and the Stunt action is rendered ineffective.

It is now Tetsuo's turn.


In a race, Turns occur at predetermined positions on the track, while in a quest the Turns are situational. Turns are made by contesting a driving/piloting check against a DC. No position points are earned while making a turn. Failure of the Turn check results in in -1 position point. Rolling a natural 20 on a turn allows the pilot to drive at full speed through a corner and earn an aditional Position Point. Rolling a natural 1 causes a spinout and the pilot suffers -1 position points. The pilot must then take controll of the spin out and contest a driving/piloting check, of a DC at the GM's discresion or the vehicle takes half collision damage and the pilot forfeits their next turn.


A driver may attempt to drift around a turn, rolling with a -4 penalty against the DC of the turn. On a success, the driver is able to drift around the turn without loss of speed and gain a Position Point.


Some vehicles may be modified to allow for a 'boost' of speed. The number of Position Points a boost grants is determined by the vehicle and boost type. However if a driver's boost brings them into a turn the pilot must make a save against a spinout. See Turns


Position Points are used in Races and represent the length of the track. Racers gain one position point per round, modified by their actions. The first to reach the total Position Points is declared the winner. In the event of two or more engaged vehicles finishing first, the winner is determined by order of Initiative.

Races can be held under a variety of rules and tracks. A drag race for example is a weaponless race on a straightaway, while a City Race occurs on city streets with many turns and obstacles to contend with and may allow for the racers to attack with weapons.

Combat Actions

Vehicles may be equipped with weapon mounts, remote mounts, turret mounts, or passengers firing guns or spells out of the windows.

Weapon Mounts and Remote Mounts, controlled by the driver, use a standard Driving roll (DEX/PER) for each attack. Weapon Mounts are stationary weapons mounted directly on the vehicle, while Remote Mounts can be controlled and aimed.

For standard Weapon Mounts, you must line your vehicle up with the target, and can use bonuses to driving rolls for the attack roll.

For Remote Mounts, you must use a control to line the weapon up with the target, and receive any bonuses from using computers.

Weapon Mounts on the front of the vehicle therefore require the attacker to be behind the target, while mounts on the rear of the vehicle require the attacker to be ahead. Remote Mounts can be fired from any position, but receive a +1 when the vehicles are engaged.

Turret Mounts are used most often with machine guns and other heavy weapons. They are swiveling turrets that must be manned directly by a passenger. These attacks use a standard ranged attack roll (PER/LVL plus applicable skills) and can make attacks regardless of the vehicle's position.

Passengers firing hand-held weapons and spells from the vehicle make their regular attack rolls. If the vehicles are engaged, there is no modification to the attackers' rolls. If the attacking vehicle is ahead, the attackers receive a +1. If the attacking vehicle is behind, the attackers receive a -1.

Vehicle vs. Vehicle Combat

When trying to ram or sideswipe another vehicle, the drivers will make opposed Drive rolls. If the ram is successful, the driver will do damage equal to 1/2 of their vehicle's max HP, plus any vehicle modifications that add to this damage. If the ram fails, the attacking driver will have to make another Drive roll to recover or else they may collide with the environment/a different car/some other obstacle.

If the ram is successful, the defending driver will have to make another Drive roll to avoid colliding with the environment or flipping.

Note that vehicle size discrepancies may affect this. Someone in a hatchback ramming an armoured personnel carrier isn't going to do any damage even if the ram is successful.

The attacking driver may elect not to ram for damage, but instead try to perform a PIT maneuver or other technique to stop the defending vehicle. In this case, if their Drive roll is successful, the defending driver will have a -5 to their subsequent recovery roll.

Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Combat

When somebody is being gunned down by a vehicle, this is what happens.

At speeds of 1-70 km/h, the person being ran over may make a DEX/LVL dodging roll vs. the driver's Drive roll to get out of the way. If the roll fails, they are struck. Over 70 km/h, they take a -5 to the roll.

Damage is figured by speed. At speeds of 1-80 km/h, the damage from impact is the vehicle's speed x3. At speeds of 81+ km/h, the damage is the vehicle's speed x6.



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