A crew is any organized group of people that have banded together to work toward shared goals. They may be a typical street gang looking to take over territory. They may be a tight-knit group of mercenaries who all work jobs together and share the profits. They may be drug runners looking to establish connections and earn money. They may be businessmen looking to buy up properties and control territory with a briefcase instead of a shotgun.

Whatever the motivation, these people understand that there is strength in numbers and that the best protection from the violence of Midnight City’s streets is a crew you can depend on.


A crew can be formed by characters of any level. There must be at least three characters in the crew with one designated as the leader and another as the lieutenant. The leader will control membership, the distribution of crew funds, the purchase of buildings and reinforcement of territory, and so on. The lieutenant acts as a second in command and also has access to crew funds.

To create a crew, the designated crew leader must provide:

  1. Crew name

  2. List of founding members and designated Lieutenant

  3. Which neighbourhood or district the crew is based out of, if applicable

  4. Initial crew trait (see ‘Crew Traits’ section)


Crews may earn money through RP. This RP must involve multiple crew members engaging in activities that establish, strengthen, or grow the crew. This could be anything from the crew patrolling its territory, collecting protection money, recruiting new members, setting up a front business, making connections, and so on and so forth. This does not mean RP where crew members just hang out and shoot the shit. They must be actively doing something to benefit the crew.

This RP can either be logged or posted on the forum for GM review, and the GM will award money according to the number of players involved and the quality of the writing.

Crews may also earn money by participating in quests and duels. They will receive $25 per participating member per quest. This money goes directly into the crew bank, not to the members.

Members of the crew may donate personal funds to the crew bank.

A crew may also run a business. This can occur in one of several ways:

- crew members use class skills to craft items or provide services to other Player Characters, and the money earned is sent to the crew bank

- the crew purchases a building (see Holdings) as well as the Business trait (see Crew Traits); this building passively earns money every month for the Crew


Reputation is a measure of your crew’s place in the city, how well known and respected they are. Reputation is earned much like money - through RP of crew activities. The higher a crew’s Rep, the more well known and/or well respected a crew is.

Earning rep also unlocks access to crew traits, which will affect how a crew is seen by those in the city. For example, a crew with a high rep that wants to remain in the shadows may use their rep to purchase a ‘discreet’ trait, enabling them to remain a secret to all but the most knowledgeable of brokers.

Reputation is represented by two numbers: Total Rep, which is a measure of your Crew's standing and notoriety, and Available Rep, which is what you can spend on Crew Traits.


Traits define a crew. Are they a shadowy cabal that nobody’s heard of? Are they a large, public gang spraypainting their name all over the city? Are they a mysterious group that everyone is whispering about?

Traits allow you to create a crew that might only be known and respected in certain circles, or a crew that keeps aspects of itself secret, while still earning Rep from crew RP.

Each crew is allowed to choose one trait upon creation, defining whether they will be a public crew or a private crew. Then, as they advance through each Reputation tier, they can select additional traits to define the public perception of the crew.

Note that certain activities will override a trait. For example, if your crew is Secret and then goes and publicly assassinates an important figure and takes credit for it, that will nullify the crew’s secrecy and they will become Open.




Rep Cost


Your crew is known to the public; members display their allegiance openly

0 (at crew creation), 500


Your crew is not known to the public; members maintain secrecy

0 (at crew creation)


Your crew’s name and reputation is known to the public, but its membership is not

500 (requires and supplants Secret)


Your crew is known for its honour code and fair treatment of others; members are respected by most

1000 (supplants Brutal)


Your crew is known for its ruthlessness and cruelty in dealing with any opposition; members are feared and given a wide berth

1000 (supplants Honorable)


Your crew is known to be professional and has the appearance of being above-board; members are the suit-and-tie wearing sort and fight their battles with briefcases and contracts

1000 (supplants Gritty)


Your crew comes from the street and its members aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty; cops are watching you

1000 (supplants Respectable)


Your crew has a reputation as hired guns and others may approach you with jobs



Your crew enforces their own brand of justice and acts as the law in their territory; criminals and cops alike seek to stop you

Earned through specific RP


Your crew owns and operates one or more businesses of some kind. This brings in money per month to the gang's bank per active business holding. Money earned depends on the type of Holding.

1000 (requires Holdings)


Your crew has connections to powerful people, giving them access to money, resources, or aid

Earned through specific RP

An example of how these traits come together:

A hero group such as The Defenders would be represented by the traits Shadow, Honorable, Gritty, Vigilante. The true identities of its members are not known, they operate on a code of honour, they ply their trade with violence, and they take the law into their own hands.

A Mafia-style crew could be represented as Open, Brutal, Gritty, Business, and Connected.


A crew may have holdings, which are buildings owned by the crew. These may be headquarters, labs, businesses, and so on. In order to purchase new holdings and upgrade them with new features such as security cameras or magical wards, the crew must RP out the locating and purchasing of the property and then spend crew funds.

Upgrades can be made to holdings that don’t cost crew funds if someone in the crew has relevant skills. For example, an Engineer could build security drones or a mage could cast protective wards. In this case, the crew must RP the acquisition of materials and the construction of the upgrades. If nobody in the crew has relevant skills, the upgrades can be purchased outright.

Territory refers to crew control over entire neighbourhoods. Territory requires manpower to hold, so a crew must have at least 6 members to begin acquiring territory. Crews may fight each other to establish control over a neighbourhood.

A crew does not have to control territory to have holdings in a particular neighbourhood. However, having holdings in territory controlled by another crew leaves those holdings vulnerable to attack.


Small Headquarters

Medium Headquarters

Large Headquarters


Apartment Building






Blast doors

Reinforced windows

Security cameras



Lab bench

Guard dogs

Security staff


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