World Overview

Since the dawn of time there have existed places in the world where strange phenomena occurred, unexplained by science. Places where supernatural beings could be glimpsed; where certain people, sensitive to these different energies, could feel the faint pulse of magic itself. These locations were nexus points, where the barriers between earth and the magical realms beyond were weakest, and each side could glimpse the other.

From these nexus points rose altars of worship and sacrifice, ancient ceremonies and prayers to distant gods, the tales of old, mythology built up and passed down over centuries… from fervent belief to dusty histories. Only it wasn't just history for some. A shadowy cabal of true believers knew the power of magic, and knew that it was their duty to unleash that power into the world by any means necessary. For five centuries they worked in secret, quietly ascending the social and political ranks until there was one of their number in a seat of power in every prominent nation in the world.

In 2027, under the guise of a global war, there was a massive nuclear exchange orchestrated by this cabal. The energy generated by the detonation of advanced nuclear weapons caused the barriers between worlds to break open at these nexus points. Like a dam bursting, magical energies from the realms beyond flooded into earth and carried with them beings from those realms.

This was known as M-Day, a moment that changed the world forever.

It has been 250 years since M-Day. In the year 2277, the world is a very different place. The countries and alliances of old no longer exist. Metropolises that once stood as the jewels of their nations have been wiped off the map, with new kingdoms built upon their ashes. Humanity itself doesn’t even look the same. With the widespread availability of cybernetic implants, nanomachines, gene therapy, biotech, and advanced cosmetic surgery, the question of “what does it mean to be human?” is not an easy one to answer.

But just as science and technology has shaped civilization, so too has magic. Magic that made forests of deserts and deserts of plains. Magic that blended animal and man in a perpetual internal struggle. Magic that governs councils of ancients and kingdoms of dragons. Magic that makes giants of men. Magic that rains hellfire on its enemies. Magic that can be hired for the right price. Magic that plays with the line between life and death.

This is a world where Fae CEOs run powerful megacorporations, shaping global politics according to their whims. A world where mercenary mages are hired to set magical traps against crews of gun-toting corporate agents. A world where trillions of dollars are at a hacker’s fingertips so long as the security countermeasures don’t turn his brain into fried goo.

This is a world where the corporate masters live in their high towers, and all others are pawns in their many games of chess. The man on the street will never see in his lifetime what money the rich see in a day. And the rich will never see in their lifetime the blood that the man will wade through in one night for the sake of a job.


The governments and nations of the old world collapsed, and after M-Day new nations and city-states rose in their place. Most of the largest cities were rebuilt and expanded into thriving hubs of technology, magic, and business. However, much of the smaller cities and towns were left to fend for themselves. There are large areas of abandoned territory between city states where small independent towns or villages struggle to survive on their own, away from the resources or infrastructure of the major territories.


Midnight City

The Midnight City Free State, located in the Pacific Northwest, is the most prosperous and well-developed city-state in North America.

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Haida Territories

Centered on their island archipelago of Haida Gwaii, the Haida expanded their territories soon after M-day by aiding those on the mainland who were devastated by the event. Now, the Haida Territories encompass all Haida Gwaii as well as several settlements along the coast. They have staunchly resisted any attempts by Midnight City to incorporate them, and have established themselves as a trading nation of master seafarers and shipwrights, as well as fishermen and artists. The Haida keep a cautious eye on Nordraegen to the north, and while they do not trust them, the Haida maintain communications with a nearby Midnight City Defense Forces outpost as a kind of early warning system for any Draconic activities.

Capital: Skidegate

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Western Sprawl

The Western Sprawl, taking up much of the former California coast and into former Mexico, is an unending polluted metropolis embroiled in perpetual gang warfare between competing drug cartels. The once prosperous region was devastated by a massive earthquake in 2158 and collapsed into anarchy. It is now a lawless petri dish of new drugs and black market organs. The cities within the Sprawl are controlled entirely by the cartels, with the citizens forced to work in their lab complexes, on the streets, or as drug mules. In the regions between cities, where the Cartel territory borders blur, violence is constant. It is rumoured that several of the Cartels have ties to various megacorporations. Hackers have been working dilligently to expose these ties, but always seem to mysteriously disappear when they get close.

Capital: New Angeles

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Nordraegen is the northern kingdom of the Dragons and their Dragonborn soldiers, located in the mineral-rich far north of former Alaska and the Canadian Territories. Its capital, Drakenstad, sits high atop the icy peaks of the northernmost Rocky Mountains. This kingdom is isolationist and cares little for the political affairs of other nations. They have been approached many times for trade relationships due to their abundant natural resources, but the Dragons keep these precious bluestone deposits for themselves, to use in the construction of military weapons. The kingdom's arms buildup has made many other nations nervous, but thus far everything is held in a hesitant peace. Nordraegen has a strong defensive posture, with many outposts dotting its territory and a large air and ground force. A small number of humans still live in this kingdom, braving the harsh climates, but they are not considered full citizens and primarily live outside of the major settlements.

Capital: Drakenstad

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Eastern Sprawl

The Eastern Sprawl, officially the Halcyon Metropolitan Area, runs down the east coast of North America from what was once New York to the Gulf of Mexico. Its capital is Halcyon City, built atop the remains of New York City, funded and controlled by the Halcyon Corporation. It is a major port and marketplace for imported magical relics and stones from across the Atlantic, as well as smuggled weapons from Eastern Europe. It is home to a complex underworld of crime families from the east, including the Rurik Bratva, The Shadow Brotherhood, and the Fir Domnann Gang, who are steadily spreading west. It is rumoured that the Ordo Sicarii got their start in Halcyon City during the early days of rebuilding.

Capital: Halcyon City

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Stateless Lands

Stateless Lands exist in the gaps between nations; vast swaths of unclaimed territory that cover a significant portion of every continent. These lands vary greatly in terrain, population, flora, and fauna. Some are empty deserts dotted with dying shack villages. Others are overgrown forests teeming with life, mystical and otherwise. There are ruins of cities, once grand and sprawling before the destruction of M-Day, that didn't warrant the attention of rebuilding efforts. There are many people who live in the Stateless Lands, under only local authority or sometimes no authority at all. Many survive on the junker caravans that transport technological trash from the cities on the shores. Many are subject to resource raids from unscrupulous bandits. The people in these lands live harsh lives, and while some seek to move to the cities, others deliberately choose this burdensome life.


New Tairngire

New Tairngire is the seat of the Seelie Court, home of the Fae. It encompasses the former British Isles and pulses with abundant magical energy. The Seelie Court's lands are a melding of new and old - towering stone castles lit by bright neon, steel and glass skyscrapers accented with ancient carved wood and ornate tapestries. New Tairngire is known around the world as a center of the mystic arts, and mages from all across the globe flock here to hone their craft. Though the population is overwhelmingly Fae, the Court welcome all those who seek knowledge of the mystic arts. Those who can't or won't practice magic are shunned.

Capital: Ardalham

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Aurelian Empire

The Aurelian Empire (Senatus Populusque Aurelia) is a strong, militaristic nation modeled in the image of the old Roman Empire. Its lands encompass nearly the entirety of the Mediterranean, halting at the borders of the Kingdom of Durendal. The Aurelian Empire is not expansionist, but rather acts as a force for balance and order in the region, with its well trained and well armed Legions at the ready to quell any rising conflicts.

Capital: Rome

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Kingdom of Durendal


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Western Slav Republic


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Khazar Federation


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Nova Rossiya


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Shenzhou is the largest nation both by area and population, occupying nearly the entirety of the Far East. It was formed through the conquest of neighbouring nations by what was formerly China approximately 100 years ago. It is the pinnacle of technological achievement, all massive sprawls of steel and mirror-glass and chrome and bright, burning lights, with endless factories and plants that house entire communities of workers on-site. It is also the only nation with an active space program. Shenzhou has an asteroid mining operation and a storage and refueling station on the moon, affording it near limitless mineral resources for its robotics production lines. Its provinces of Fushang (fmr. Japan) and Hanguo (fmr. Korea) are world leaders in cybernetics and biotech respectively. However, Shenzhou is also a police state with tightly controlled immigration and corrupt upper echelons of bureaucracy. After Shenzhou's armies forcibly claimed the territory of Taiguo (fmr. Thailand) for its magic resources, there was a mass exodus of Thais who resettled in Midnight City. Shenzhou has the highest population of cyborgs per capita in the world, at 150 per 1000 citizens.


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Note: Futher development of world regions, including those not listed here, will continue in the future and be open to contributions from players.

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