Neither truly living nor truly dead, vampires exist in the shadows. They are feared and shunned for the way they prey upon the living, feeding on blood to survive. They cannot create life, but they can spread their curse to others through their infected blood. With superhuman physical abilities and a predatory instinct, vampires have been able to carve out a place in the world as hired killers and black-ops assassins. There are two strains of the vampire virus, which has produced two distinct groups of vampires in conflict with each other.


The two strains of the vampire virus are commonly known as Prime Strain and Second Strain. These viruses can infect people of any race (except werecreature), and therefore appearance can vary widely across all vampires. Transformation into a vampire takes approximately 24 hours, during which the victim will experience symptoms akin to a severe infection, such as a high fever, chills, cold sweat, convulsions, and immense thirst. After roughly 12 hours of this, they will fall into a comatose state. Their vital signs will fade until they appear to be dead, at which point they will wake as a vampire.

Common traits:

  • Pale skin
  • Badly sunburned by any exposure to direct natural sunlight
  • Halted aging
  • Retractable fangs
  • No detectable vital signs
  • Body temperature the same as the air around them
  • Enhanced speed and strength
  • Night vision
  • Enhanced sense of smell
  • Thick, dark blood
  • Accelerated healing of minor injuries (cuts, sprains, bruises)
  • Sterile
  • Can sire another vampire by first drinking from the target until they are near death, then feeding them vampire blood

Prime Strain traits:

  • Eyes change colour to red, at will or when in a frenzied state
  • Telepathic mind link between a vampire and their sire; can communicate at will and regardless of distance, but cannot read thoughts other than what the sire/progeny is projecting to the other
  • Better able to control their bloodlust
  • No older than 250 years (appearance of the Old One)

Second Strain traits:

  • Eyes change colour to yellow, at will or when in a frenzied state
  • Emotional or empathic link between a vampire and their sire (cannot converse telepathically); feelings/impressions are conveyed involuntarily and regardless of distance, as this ability cannot be controlled
  • Often unable to control their bloodlust, more prone to fits of violence
  • No older than 80 years (creation of Second strain virus)

All vampires must feed on fresh blood to survive. This is what keeps them from aging and also enables them to heal wounds. If a vampire goes too long without feeding, they will begin to deteriorate physically and mentally. Effects will start to show after a day, including increased agitation and difficulty concentrating. After 5 days with no food they become delirous and aggressive. At the extreme end they become severely emaciated and ghoul-like and lose their higher mental faculties. They go insane with hunger and will attack anyone or anything and try to feed on it. Consuming a sufficient amount of blood over several days will reverse these effects. They will not die from lack of blood, but if they are starved for too long the mental damage done to them may become permanent.

It is possible for vampires to live on synthetic or animal blood, in the same way that it is possible for a human to live on gruel. It is unsatisfying, and the vampire will find themselves still possessed of a constant baseline hunger.


All Prime Strain vampires are ultimately descended from The Old One, the first vampire, who entered this world through a nexus point during the apocalypse. The Old One sired seven others, which became the seven clan chiefs. They established a kingdom north of the Danube which now serves as the seat of the High Council of the Clans. The clans enforce various social rules that are designed to protect their society by keeping a low profile, such as selective siring and discreet feeding. This also enables them to work cooperatively with other nations and groups to ensure the safety of the clans. The Clans have an alliance with the Western Slav Republic, loaning them assassins in exchange for a steady supply of political prisoners and other 'undesirables' to feed the kingdom. To read more about the Clans, click here.

Becoming an assassin or an operative for the Clans is seen as a worthy ambition in Clan culture. These assassins and operatives are renowned in military, intelligence, and criminal circles. Eighty years ago, this reputation led XeroCorp to capture several vampires for their top secret (and highly illegal) super-soldier project, codename Batwing.

Project Batwing was an attempt to create operatives loyal to XeroCorp that would possess the abilities of vampires. They reverse-engineered the vampire 'curse' (determined to be a kind of virus) and successfully infected their own test subjects. These became the first of the Second Strain vampires. However, these vampires were erratic, violent, and uncontrollable. They eventually escaped, killing most of Batwing's scientists, and fled into the night. The Second Strain virus spread rapidly, as these vampires lacked the social rules of the Clans and the guidance of elder vampires. They killed many, and drew the attention of vampire hunters. These hunters did not discriminate between prime and second strain.

Prime vampires view the second strain vampires as lesser, disgusting perversions of the bloodline, and generally have no issue exterminating them with prejudice. Second strain vampires must endure being outcasts even among their own people.


Base Evasion: 12

+1 to Dexterity stat

No penalty to perception in low light conditions

Cannot be picked up on thermal cameras

-1 to all rolls when in direct natural sunlight


Bloodlust: A vampire may bite an enemy in order to feed on their blood to heal themselves. The vampire will make a Strength/Level roll against their target and if successfull will do Strength DMG x2 to the target, healing themselves for an equal amount. This may be used once per quest or duel.

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One more thing that just occurred to me to mention: I know I'm spending a lot of time on the interface/player front, but I promise I haven't forgotten about the game itself. I am working on character generation, level-up functionality, shops, etc. as just trying to get a solid foundation here to build on as we progress.

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It's all extremely rough, the stuff in the sidebar is static and non-functional (just as a placeholder) for now, but I think we're building on a solid foundation here. And hopefully having a live example that we can play with will let us collaborate more quickly and efficiently. See something wrong or have an idea? Shout it!

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Eventually, many, many things (like this shoutbox) will load asynchronously, so that the entire page doesn't have to be reloaded.

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